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LLC “Palteh” is the official representative of the international company Innospec in Ukraine. LLC “Paltech”, in addition to implementing a wide range of products, as part of engineers, technicians and managers provides advice, provides guidance and assists in all areas of processing. In addition, working closely with Ukrainian refineries, the company is doing everything possible to help meet the requirements of fuel specifications at the lowest cost.

Innospec Specialty Chemicals, formerly known as Octel Corporation and Associated Octel Company, Ltd., is a global specialty chemical company. It comprises three business units: Fuel Specialties, responsible for the development and supply of additives for fuels and which also includes the company’s activities in its Oilfield Chemicals division, Performance Chemicals, which focuses on products for the Personal Care industry and also provides products for the Polymers markets, and Octane Additives, which is the last remaining non-Chinese producer of tetraethyllead (TEL) used in the manufacture of motor gasoline in one remaining country and 100LLavgas throughout the world. It is listed on the NASDAQ as IOSP.

Innospec is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, and has major regional centers in the United Kingdom and Singapore, along with international offices and processing facilities in China, UAE, Cyprus, South Korea, and India.

Production plants are located in multiple countries including UK, France, Germany, Philippines, and the United States.

The company has around 1300 employees located in 20 countries.

Innospec markets detergents, cold flow improvers, lubricity improvers, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, cetane improvers, TEL, and a range of other chemicals as fuel additives.

The Oilfield Services division provides products and services for drilling, fracturing & stimulation and production operations to customers in the oil and gas industry

In Personal Care, the company makes a range of high performance surfactants, emollients and silicone formulations.

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