We are engaged in development of technical specifications. These conditions would were agreed by us in the following government institutions: GP Ukrainian research Institute of NP “MASMA”; State sanitary and epidemiological service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine (The State service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection); the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine; State inspection of technogenic safety of Ukraine; the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine. The company has years of experience in the development of normative – technical documentation, standards of Ukraine in the branded and alternative fuels for oil refineries and oil companies. New, modern testing laboratory (Certificate of Accreditation №2T1444 on October 5, 2016 issued NAAU) provides testing services to oil road viscous bitumen, liquid, construction, roofing, insulation, modified polymers; oil, gas condensate, oil stable; motor gasoline, diesel fuel, petroleum fuel oil, fuel Household oven for compliance with standards. We have a modern working facilities and highly qualified specialists. We are ready for effective cooperation.